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Our Impact: UGC Success Stories Across Brands 📸

Our Impact: UGC Success Stories Across Brands 📸


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Welcome to our “Our Work” page, where we proudly showcase the successful User-Generated Content (UGC) campaigns we’ve designed for esteemed brands worldwide. Our unique approach includes creating multiple variations of each UGC piece, tailoring the content to connect more personally with diverse audience segments. This strategic practice has helped transform our clients’ marketing strategies, significantly boosted their brand engagement, and consistently delivered substantial results.


Cocosolis logo

Joining forces with COCOSOLIS, an esteemed natural skin and hair care brand, we initiated a UGC campaign that spotlighted their range of meticulously crafted products. We highlighted authentic customer experiences with COCOSOLIS’s organic oils and tanning products, underscoring their commitment to uncompromising quality and environmentally friendly practices. The campaign not only amplified the brand’s mission of love and truth, but it also encouraged users to share their radiant results, boosting brand awareness and product interest.

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Music Box Attic

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For Music Box Attic, we harnessed the power of storytelling through UGC. Customers shared their unique experiences with Music Box Attic products, creating a heartfelt campaign that drove both brand affinity and sales growth.

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By Estrid

Estrid logo

Partnering with Estrid, a pioneering women’s shaving subscription brand, we executed an impactful UGC campaign. We showcased real users’ shaving journeys, emphasizing Estrid’s high-quality razors and flexible subscription service. The campaign resonated with women globally, boosting brand loyalty and subscription growth while highlighting their stylish bathroom accessories.

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With Shewy, a revolutionary gym chewing gum, we executed a dynamic UGC campaign that captured consumers enjoying their workout routines with an added boost from Shewy. User stories and images underscored the product’s convenience and effectiveness, leading to an increase in customer engagement and product trials.

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Two Dogs

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For Two Dogs, we leveraged user-generated content to highlight the joy and companionship that their products bring to dog owners. The campaign resonated strongly with their target audience, leading to increased brand awareness and customer acquisition.

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Happy Smile


For Happy Smile, makers of a cutting-edge tooth whitening device, our UGC campaign spotlighted satisfied customers flaunting their dazzling smiles, thanks to Happy Smile’s product. Leveraging personal testimonials and before-and-after pictures, we successfully increased brand trust and product interest, effectively turning ordinary users into powerful brand ambassadors.

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We reimagined Coffydoor’s online presence by leveraging authentic UGC that resonated with the coffee-loving community. Our campaign generated substantial engagement, elevating their brand visibility, and resulting in a noticeable uplift in sales.

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Your Brand Next?

Our collaborations with these brands underline the power and potential of User-Generated Content marketing. By leveraging real experiences from real customers, we create a genuine connection between your brand and its audience. We’d be thrilled to partner with you, harnessing the power of UGC to grow your brand, boost engagement, and drive sales. Are you ready to elevate your brand through UGC? Let’s talk.


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