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Zeb Bulthuis

Zeb Bulthuis

Akaash Joshi, a visionary marketing professional, complements our team with his expertise in deploying robust marketing strategies. With a track record of achieving exponential revenue growth, Akaash leverages his entrepreneurial spirit to implement digital and social marketing, e-commerce, and sales strategies.

His exceptional strategic mindset and ability to analyze emerging trends enable us to develop long-term business strategies and marketing execution plans that generate results. Akaash’s experience as a lead media buyer for prominent companies has honed his skills in planning, purchasing, monitoring, and refining direct response media buys to maximize ROI for our clients.

Together, Zeb and Akaash form a dynamic duo, combining their creative and strategic talents to deliver top-tier digital content and drive brand awareness. At The UGC Collab, we aim to provide you with the best video solutions, constantly adapting to the newest trends and utilizing cutting-edge equipment. Whether you’re looking to turn your ideas into reality or create marketing strategies that generate revenue and build brand awareness, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

Join us on this collaborative journey, and let us help you unleash the power of user-generated content to drive your brand forward.

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